Alessi – Collectables of the Future

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Nutty the crackerItalian design company Alessi specialise in kitchen and household items such as corkscrews, bottle openers, salt and pepper pots, cake stands, boxes and containers. Many Alessi products are based on traditional classic designs, but many of the newer items being produced combine work of top designers, humour, and functionality. “Nutty the cracker” (pictured left) is a great example, designed by Stefan Giovannoni is a simple nutcracker. Nutty’s ears turn to crack the nuts. As with all Alessi products, the quality is excellent and as the products are meant to be used it is possible to replace worn parts. Stefano Giovannoni’s other designs include “Lilliput”
(salt and pepper set), “Escar-gogo” (snail dish), and “Merdolino” (toilet brush).

Anna G.Alessandro Mendini has been responsible for the imaginative design of “Anna G.” (pictured right). This corkscrew has already become very popular, with its clever use of style and functionality. Many of the sort after antiques of today are those items which had an everyday use. This combined with an increasing awareness of design make Alessi a potential collectable.

DiabolixIn the last few years there has been a growing number of collectors of 50’s and 60’s designs and memorabilia. This has extended to the 70’s and there are even collectors now amassing materials from the 80’s. These people say collect the stuff now as it is cheap and available. Will people collect the designs of the 90’s?

“Diabolix” (pictured left) is designed by Biagio Cisotti. Again the clever use of design, and humour create an interesting functional item. Other designers include Mattia Di Rosa whose designs all have names such as “Luca, a little monster eating a napkin” (a napkin holder), and “Carlo, a little ghost on top of a bottle” (a bottle cap). By providing names to the objects, Alessi are creating characters and not just useful items. Alessi designs have begun to influence other functional item producers. There use of bright colours and materials can be seen in other new lines.

Now do not rush out and buy Alessi items and never use them because you read they might be collectable. They may never become collectable, but if they do remember where you read it first!

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