Swarovski – An Investment Dream

Swarovski – An Investment Dream

Collecting is great fun. To find an unusual piece, to locate a bargain or to complete
a set can be a great thrill. Increasingly collectables are being seen as an investment.
Not only can we have objects we like but they are sometimes worth more than we paid for
them, a lot more!

Swarovski Silver Crystal is being seen increasingly as not just a collecatble
but also an investment. Early retied pieces, club editions and special editions
are the most sought after. The Swarovski Collectors Society continues to
expand rapidly so there seems plenty of scope for the rise in price of the pieces
to continue.

The first Swarovski Collectors Society crystal was the Lovebirds in 1987.
It was initially priced in the UK at £85. Today the Lovebirds can fetch
£2600. A massive 2959% increase. No other recent collectable that I am
aware of has received such interest. Although the prices are given in £,
there have been similar rises in the US and the rest of the world.

Other Swarovski Collectors Society Annual Pieces

CrystalOrig £Current £% increase
1987 Lovebirds8526002959
1988 Woodpeckers9812001124
1989 Turtledoves115680491
1990 Dolphins135840522
1991 Seals138350154
1992 Whales150370147
1993 Elephant179900403
1994 Kudu17932079
1995 Lion19532064

The 1996 Unicorn is also seen to increasing markedly. The Limited Edition Eagle produced in 1995
which initially sold for £1050 now reaches £4000. Although club and special
editions are especially popular, other items such as renewal gifts, displays,
and even the Society magazine are sought after.

Buyers tend to pay more for boxed crystal, with the certificate still
in place.

The prices of these crystals can vary and there
is no guarantee that they will continue to rise in price. As mentioned in eariler
issues of the WCN Magazine, collect because you like something. If it increases
fine, if not you can still enjoy your collection.

Thanks to John Whillock of Crystal Exchange Limited for these figures.