A Look at NAO Porcelain

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NAO PorcelainThe
NAO porcelain figurines

NAO produces a natural and elegant collection of hand-made porcelain
enchanting figurines that are perfect for that special gift.

NAO PorcelainThe
NAO figures are direct descendants of the ancient art of porcelain,
whose elaboration was, for over many centuries, a mystery, since
the formula for porcelain was not discovered in Europe until the
early 18th century.

According to today’s dynamic, innovative and younger lifestyles,
the NAO figure collection brings to the tradition of porcelain
a series of pieces suitable to the tastes and preferences of all
types of people.

These creations are known since 1968 for the simplicity in their
lines, by the grace and expressions of their design, and by the
perfection used in the final finishing process.

NAO creation

NAO PorcelainExpert
hands and great artistic talent is required to translate moments
from life into the beautiful figurines that make up the NAO collection.
This is why NAO porcelains are produced by veteran craftsmen in
the company’s own local workshops in Chirivella, near Valencia,
in Spain

NAO PorcelainThe
NAO collections are the creations of a great team, composed of
designers, sculptors and artisans. They turn into porcelain those
special moments of every day life, transforming them into figures
that will be with us forever.

NAO in the world

With the ownership or gift of a NAO piece you share the same enthusiasm
that millions of collectors and followers of the brand in 115
countries have shared… for the last 37 years!

NAO PorcelainThe
Spanish creation of NAO

The ceramic tradition of the Valencian Community goes back to
Roman times, and since then has continued to be one of the exponents
of the artistic skills of an area of Spain that has also developed
artistic expression through painting, sculpture and music.

Given the abilities of local people, NAO has always chosen the
best local talent for creation of its porcelains. Thus, NAO was
founded in 1968 with the name Rosal, and nowadays the company
is the result of the dedicated daily work of 220 craftsmen.

NAO PorcelainThe
NAO collection

The NAO collection is made up of around two hundred figurines,
and it is constantly renewed as each year some pieces are withdrawn
and new issues are added. This feature is an expression of the
creativity of the NAO designers and craftsmen and is very appreciated
by the many NAO collectors
all over the world

Organization of the figurines

NAO Porcelain
NAO is the perfect present making the most cherished moments and
emotions ever lasting.

This is a very interesting issue tha t demonstrates the philosophy
behind the creation of our figurines. In NAO we try to illustrate
the unforgettable memories of our lives. For this reason the NAO
themes take in all the phases of a person’s experience: from childhood
games through to spirituality, from the merry jokes of clowns
to religiously inspired images, from first moments of falling
in love to scenes of family life.

NAO’s entire creativity revolves around this journey through
the human living experience.

NAO PorcelainWhat
is exactly the relationship between the brands NAO and Lladró?

NAO is a brand of the Lladró Group, just like Lladró
itself is. Therefore they belong to the same company although
for historic reasons NAO is made at a different site of the same
city of Valencia in Spain.

NAO aims to offer a collection of porcelain figurines with characteristic
warmth and affordable prices which are the gift or decoration
choice for a great many homes all over the world.

NAO PorcelainDo
the name NAO and the ship symbol have any significance?

Absolutely: a NAO is an old sailing ship from the time of Columbus,
and our brand logo shows this NAO on what we would like to think
is a homeward journey, loaded with the rare spices of creativity,
skill and magic.

Judge for yourself if the voyage was of merit.


Did you know that…

· NAO was created in 1968, which means it is 37 years
· NAO is sold in 115 countries?
· the main markets for the brand are the United Kingdom
and the United States of America?
· the current NAO range includes 322 different pieces?
· all the figurines are made in Valencia, Spain?
· the making of a NAO figurine takes 11 different steps
all of which are hand made?
· the 220 artisans at the brand’s workshop devote all their
careers to NAO?
· the prices in the NAO range vary from US$29 to US$255
· there are both classic style and whimsical lines of figurines
in NAO?
· NAO has its own website at www.naoporcelain.com?
· NAO has just opened a shop on line shop.naoporcelain.com?

Visit the WCN NAO information
pages and message boards.

Nao Porcelain Shop

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