Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore

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Jim Shore PhotographJim
Shore has become one of the leading collectible designers over
the past few years, and in 2005 he was once again voted NALED
(National Association of Limited Edition Dealers) Artist of the
Year. His designs of Heartwood Creek also won Holiday Decor of
the Year.

Pictured right: Jim Shore, Creator
of Heartwood Creek.

Heartwood Creek logoA
self-taught artist, Jim Shore worked as an engineer before turning
his full attention to art working in a variety of media. He was
the creator of the popular pencil Santa line which changed the
look of Santa Claus in the early 1990s.

right: And To The Republic For Which It Stands statue

His main range Heartwood Creek is known for its American folk
art motif and unique wood-carved appearance and is featured on
gift and home products, seasonal figurines, statuettes, garden
accessories, tabletop, lamps, clocks, birdhouses and other home
decor items.

Santa Statue by Jim ShorePictured
left: Santa 12 Days of Christmas statue

Jim Shore utilizes his skills as a portraitist, sculptor and folk
artist to create this unique and creative collection for Enesco.
The sesonal and patriotic themes are amongst the most popular.

Jim Shore Coastal Scenery ClockPictured
right: Coastal Scenery Clock featuring the artistry of Jim Shore

His latest work can be seen on Disney Traditions which combines
the artistry of Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek with beloved Disney
characters. As with Heartwood Creek the range is also from Enesco.

Traditions celebrates historical figures and events that are an
indelible part of US national heritage.

Pictured left: American Originals
from the new Disney Traditions range.

Jim Shore has won aclaim with both
the public and within the collectibles and gift industry itself.
It will be interesting to see which lines, themes and designs
become popular in the future as ranges are ended and retired.
Definately one to watch!

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Shore Group

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