Harry Potter Update

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Halloween here, Christmas approaching and the film launching everywhere
shortly what Harry Potter Goodies are there to be had?

Royal Doulton

a year since the licencing rights were first tied up, Royal Doulton
has finally managed to get its first batch of ceramic Harry Potter figurines
out into the shops. Seven figures are available, plus two limited edition

Royal Doulton Harry Potter figure
– Wizard-in-Training – pictured right.

The limited edition pieces include ‘Harry’s 11th Birthday’ which is
a limited edition of 5,000 and ‘The Friendship Begins’ which is the
same edition size.

Royal Doulton Harry Potter figure
-Headmaster Albus Dumbledore – pictured right.

well as figures Royal Doulton have also produced four wall plates (Royal
Doulton Harry Potter Wall Plate -The Wild Ride
under Gringotts – pictured right.

mugs, four china boxes, a wall clock ‘Harry’s 11th Birthday’, and bookends
of ‘Gringotts Bank’ (Royal Doulton
Harry Potter Bookends
Gringotts Bank – pictured right.).


ENESCO Sorting Hat™ and Books
Bookends – pictured left.

was the first off the production line with Collector Stones, Story Scopes,
Mini Figurines with Story Scopes, Story Teller Figurines, Book Buddies
and Bookends, and Masterpiece Collection Figurines.

ENESCO “Through The Trapdoor”
– Hand Numbered Open Edition
1st Issue In The Masterpiece Collection Series – pictured right.

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