Christmas Collectibles 2011

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Lets see what Santa might be bringing us this year with our look at some of the Christmas Collectibles for 2011.


swarovski annual edition2011Swarovski

2011 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Annual Edition Swarovski Ornament. As well as the Annual Edition Ornament, Swarovski have also introduced  a special edition Christmas Set, which includes the Christmas Ornament Annual Edition 2011 and two Little Star ornaments.

The first Swarovski Annual Edition Christmas Ornament was released in 1991 and was designed by Hilde Nagler. Swarovski designer Martin Zendron has released the most Christmas Ornaments with all designs from 1992 to 1999, and 2003.

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Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Harmony KingdomHarmony Kingdom

Peter Calvesbert 2011 annual Santa “Laughing All The Way” gives us a little black humor aimed at those naughty greedy bakers.

Jolly Saint Nick has decided that those “naughty children” called bankers (among other things) are deserving of a special gift for Christmas. Since they undoubtedly will reward themselves with huge bonuses again this year, Santa has come up with something they would never get for themselves! One of his reindeers is “depositing” a little present too.

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2011 Holiday Barbie by designer Robert BestRobert Best 2011 Holiday Barbie

The 2011 Holiday Barbie has been designed by leading designer Robert Best.

2011 Holiday Barbie by designer Robert BestDressed in a fabulous green and gold gown she is sure to be a hit this holiday season.

An elegant take on the holidays, the 2011 Holiday Barbie doll is gorgeous in green and gold! Her strapless gown from designer Robert Best features a chic sash over one shoulder while golden embroidery adds an opulent touch.

With festive red nails and dangling golden earrings, she offers happy holiday wishes and sends season’s greeting to loved ones near and far.

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Lladro Christmas BallThis years Lladro Christmas editions include the 2011 Christmas Ball (plain and re-deco style), 2011 Christmas Bell (plain and re-deco style), Nutcracker Ornament, Ballerina Ornament, Lladro Bear Ornament and Lladro Accordion Player in conjucntion with Steiff.

Lladro LITHOPHANE VOTIVE LIGHT-NATIVITYSo quite a few delights that would be welcome in most Christmas Stockings.

The Lladro Lithopane Votives are also very nice with two new designs for this Xmas – the Nutcracker and the Nativity.

We also like the Lladro Lithopane Votive Lights and for this Xmas there are two new editions the Nutcracker and the Nativity (pictured right).

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Carters Teapots

Carters Teapots Xmas TableTony Carter has been making functional collectable teapots for 30 years. This season he has issued three Christmas editions the Christmas Range, Christmas Table  (pictured left) and Christmas Teashop.

All Carters Teapots are designed and handmade the Tony’s Teapot Pottery in Debenham, Suffolk in the UK. Being a small pottery many orders are actually made to order so if you like the look of Christmas Table or other teapots make sure you get your order in early.

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