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TrintjeBorn in Germany, the home of many of the leading doll artists & manufactures, Nicole Marschollek is the sole artist for Zwergnase dolls. Marschollek dolls are recognised as being amongst the best in the world of modern collectable dolls. Her dolls have gained a well earned reputation for detail & quality with each doll produced.

Pictured right is Trintje.

‘ Nicole Marschollek was born in Rauenstein, near Sonneberg. Right from childhood she was fascinated by all the wonderful things that were manufactured in the local area: porcelain from Rauenstein, glass from Lauscha and toys from Sonneberg. Having taught herself the basics of artistic theory, Nicole Marschollek studied at the former College of Toy Design and Mechanical Engineering in Sonneberg. She gained further experience working for well-known doll-manufacturing company in Upper Franconia. This opened the door to her own creations.’ (extract from Zwergnase USA web site)

It has often been said that you will always find a part of an artists soul in her work, this has never been more evident than in Nicole Marschollek’s designs.

KunigundeCelest, Ronja & Gun-MagretPictured left are Celest, Ronja & Gun-Magret.

Undeniably an artist with great flair, creativeness & individuality, you also catch more than just a mere glimpse of the fun loving, zany personality coming through in her designs.

Pictured right is Kunigunde which was the Zwergnases Collectors Club members only doll in 2000. She is 12.7″ tall and was limited to 350 Celest, Ronja & Gun-Magret.

Her works have been avidly sought after & collected for many years now by doll enthusiasts world wide & many with limitations of only 200 the editions soon sell out.


NOTICE – This site is not affiliated or associated in any way with Zwergnase or Nicole Marschollek. The purpose of these pages is to provide information to collectors of Zwergnase Dolls.

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