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Wizards & Dragons Hap Henriksen has been producing fantasy art and collectibles since 1975. He had originally studied anthropology and became a successful artist and with the rise of Fantasy Art in the 1970s he started creating fantasy pieces. His work has won many awards and included an exhibition for NASA in 1983.

Pictured right – Taihun – Every decade the wizards gather to seek council from the sanctuary of the Ten. Taihun, as Master of the Council of Ten, presides over the gathering. Knowledge is shared and swift justice is brought to bear on those judged to have done evil.
In a fortnight the wizards scatter to all reaches of the globe until the next gathering.

During a trip to Annapolis in 1988, David Tate founder of Lilliput Lane came across Hap’s work and invited him to join the new Lilliput Lane Land of Legend Limited (5L) team. The company was having considerable success with their initial sculptures of Fantasy Castles, especially in North America.

The much acclaimed “Wizards – Jesters – Dragons” range was created by Hap and to this day remains one of the most popular fantasy ranges. The range eventually became known as just Wizards & Dragons and was produced until 2000 by Collectible World Studios. Collectible World Studios went into receivership in 2006 and many of its brands were taken over by Xystos.

Wizards & DragonsAmong other pirces Hap Henriksen created a wonderful Dealer’s Sign, “The Jester”, which was only available for a few months in 1989. Lines under his direction were “Wizards” – such as “Moriah”;   “Jesters” – such as “Baldrick. the Incredibly Simple”, a limited edition piece; and “Fantasy Figurines” – such as the limited edition dragon, “Behemoth”.

Pictured left – Decemuirs – Decemuirs is one of the ten dragons who rules the Lands Of Ice and Frost. Massive ice crystals jut from his lair of solitude. From his cave he rules the frozen seas and his breath is the North wind. Whales bring him news from all other parts of the world, and he teaches them ancient songs.

Hap now holds a pre-eminent position in the world of Fantastic Art, having work featured in museums, galleries and private collections, Hap lectures on the subject of Fantastic Art, and has won both National and International awards.

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