Lladró Porcelain

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Lladro. Handcrafted porcelain figurinesLladró has become a household name for their fine porcelain figurines. Each Lladró figurine is hand crafted and hand painted continuing the tradition begun in 1953 by the three Lladró Brothers – Juan, José and Vicente Lladró, at their studios in the village of Almácera near Valencia, Spain.

Starting with items such as vases and jugs, it wasn’t until 1956 that they started producing the sculptures for which they are now most famous.

Enthusiasm for the items produced by the Lladró brothers saw their small workshop expand several times until eventually they moved to Tavernes Blanques in 1958.

The original studio has now become the ‘City of Porcelain’ and is open to the public. In New York on 57th Street there is a Lladró Museum, showcasing an extensive range of figurines by the Lladró Brothers from the 1940s till today.

Lladro - Pals Forever‘Pals Forever’ the last Lladró Society figurine is pictured above left.

The Lladró Collectors Society was formed in 1985 and ended in 2001, being replaced by Lladró Privilege. Members of the original Society will become members of Lladró Privilege for as many years as they have been memebers of the Society. After this period membership is based on ‘the level of interest you show in the world of Lladró porcelain’.

Members of Lladró Privilege are able to purchase exclusive figurines, receive invites to special events, receive the quaterly Lladró Privilege magazine, and the twice a year publication Lladró Vista.

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