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the hop pickersLilliput Lane started producing their miniature cottages in 1982, when David Tate, the founder, opened workshops at Skirsgill, in England’s Lake District, and the company has remained in the area ever since.

Pictured right: The Hop Pickers 2015/2016 Club Symbol Of Membership – Now used as a holiday cottage, this conical oast house with brick-built stowage can be found in the pretty Kentish village of Pluckley, which was the film location for the popular TV series, The Darling Buds of May.

The majority of Lilliput Lane Cottages are based on real cottages, with collections based not only on British Cottages, but also American, and in the past German, Dutch and French Cottages.

3 pints breweryThe Lilliput Lane Cottages have attracted a worldwide audience and with regular retirements and new issues. There is a lot of demand for earlier and rarer cottages.

Pictured left: 3 Pints Brewery 2015/2016 Collectors’ Club Special Edition – Inspired by the legendary Three Tuns Brewery on Salop Street, Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire, this timber-framed, red-brick brewery building can trace its origins back to the seventeenth century — leading to the claim on its website that it is ‘the UK’s oldest brewery’.

the black bearLilliput Lane Cottages Collectors Club

The club offers members the chance to receive and purchase exclusive models, and to find out more information about Lilliput Lane, through its quarterly magazine Gulliver’s World. 2012 sees its 30th Anniversary.

Pictured right: Black Bear Inn 2015/2016 Collectors’ Club Special Edition – The beautiful timber-framed coaching inn is in the market town of Sandbach (pronounced sand-batch) and has a straw bear cut into its thatch roof — hence the name! The inn dates back to 1634 and legend has it that the notorious highwayman, Dick Turpin, stayed here once!

the hop pickersFor 2015/2016 the Lilliput Lane Collectors Club the theme is Brewing and the British Pub.  The Club Symbol Of Membership is Hop Pickers. There are two Club Special Editions: 3 Pints Brewery and Black Bear Inn. There is a fourth collectors cottage for 2015/2016 The Malt Kiln which is available at special events .

Pictured left: The Malt House 2015/2016 Special Events Cottage – Specially created to complement the Club Exclusives for 2015/2016, The Malt House has been inspired by a former malt house in the Cambridgeshire village of Foxton, a pretty village known for its attractive timber-framed cottages.

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