Hornsea Pottery

Hornsea Deer JugHornsea Pottery was founded in 1949 by brothers Colin Rawson and Desmond Rawson with funding from a local business man, Philip Clappison.

Pictured right Hornsea Deer Jug

The factory is not only well known for its traditional character jugs and ‘Fauna’ posy vases with attached animal figures but also for being at the vanguard of modern design, employing renowned artists and designerssuch as Marion Campbell, John Clappison, Alan Luckham,  Martin Hunt and Robin Pavitt.

Tricorn Vases 1957In the mid 1950s the Rawson brothers started to recognise the potential of Philip’s son, John Clappison. He was asked to produce the stylish, contemporary wares which are much in demand with collectors today.

Pictured left Tricorn Vases 1957

IHeirloomn 1967, the factory started to produce full ranges of tableware the first being the John Clappison-designed Heirloom, followed by his Saffron and Bronte patterns.

Pictured right Pieces featuring the Heirloom Pattern

In the 1970s notable designs included the popular Concept range by Martin Hunt and Muramics by John Clappison. The company continued to produce design led pottery as well as traditional lines through the 1980s and 1990s including work by Colin Rawson, Robin Pavitt and Steve Webster.

Pebble Vase by Colin RawsonPictured left Colin Rawson Pebble Vase 1982

Hornsea Pottery went into receivership in 2000 but during their 50 years of production they produced a diverse range of lines with many of the design led pieces becoming increasingly popular especially those by designer John Clappison.

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Designer John Clappison