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The Moorcroft Coronation Collection

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Moorcroft Pottery have introduced their Coronation Collection to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III on the 6th May. Four pieces have been created including the Garden of Kings and Queen of the Border by Emma Bossons, Coronation by Kerry Goodwin, and Ampulla by Nicola Slaney.

Moorcroft Garden of Kings
Moorcroft Garden of Kings by Emma Bossons

Garden of Kings by Emma Bossons
A 956/6 lidded box

It is a well-known fact that His Majesty King Charles III is an avid champion of the delphinium, with his own beloved Highgrove Gardens holding these towering kings within the Cottage Garden, Sundial Garden, and Kitchen Garden throughout June. And so, it is with this Moorcroft design. The commanding presence of the delphinium blooms soar up the side of this lidded pot, a shape not released since the Coronation of King George VI in 1937, with erect racemes of corn-eyed, soft, azure to pimpernel-blue flowers rising over Highgrove itself. It has been said that the heart of kings should not lie in Royal palaces but in the garden itself. The lid, topped with a monde, as found on the St. Edward’s Crown, a crown historically used at the moment of coronation from the coronation of King Charles II in 1661 to HM King Charles III himself, is delicately circled with delphinium blooms, which arch, one over another, like the Baroque arches of the Coronation Crown itself.

Moorcroft Coronation of King Charles III
Moorcroft Coronation by Kerry Goodwin

Coronation by Kerry Goodwin
A 956/6 lidded box

Due to the historic and important role the Abbey has played in the nation’s coronation services for almost 1000 years; Kerry wanted to include a number of its key architectural elements within her design to celebrate the occasion. The abbey has the highest Gothic vault in England and its arches surround the circumference of this round lidded box while the black and white triangular band, that runs around the base, pays homage to the chequerboard floor that runs past the choir stands to the high altar. Finally, the magnificent Rose Window inspired one of the most intricate lids Moorcroft has ever created.

As for the shape itself, this harks back to the time of founder William Moorcroft, when it was last used to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III’s grandfather, King George VI on 12th May 1937. Its revival at Moorcroft pays tribute to the past, while commemorating the new Carolean era.

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