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The Dark Knight Returns Batman and Superman from Royal Selangor

Just released by Royal Selangor are the impressive The Dark Knight Returns Batman and Superman figures.

Based on the classic Frank  Miller comic Batman The Dark Knight Returns in which a retired Batman comes out of retirement, only to find himself facing his one-time ally Superman in one of the most iconic comic fights of all time.

Made in pewter and resin both the Batman and Superman models are being released in a Limited Edition of 1,000 – 800 in a silver coloured edition and 2oo in a gilt edition. The silver coloured edition is priced at £749 and gilt edition at £999.

More about Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

In the 1986 Frank Miller comic, “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns,” Batman face Superman in a climactic battle. It is widely considered one of the greatest superhero comics ever written, and the fight between Batman and Superman is a major reason why. The two icons represent different ideas of justice, and their conflict is a microcosm for the struggle between good and evil. Batman is dark, brooding, and obsessed with vengeance, while Superman is lighter, more idealistic, and committed to truth and justice. However, both characters are evenly matched in terms of strength and skill. Their fight is brutal and relentless, with neither hero able to gain an advantage. In the end, Batman emerges victorious, but at great cost. He is battered and bruised, but he has proven that even the mightiest hero can be defeated. The battle between Batman and Superman is a timeless tale of good versus evil, and it remains one of the most iconic fights in all of comics.

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