Royal Doulton Prince Charles 70th Birthday Figurine

Royal Doulton Prince Charles 70th Birthday FigurineTo celebrate the 70th birthday of His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Royal Doulton have created a new limited edition figurine featuring Prince Charles in his Royal Air Force Marshal uniform taken at the Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary at Westminster Abbey. The figurine has been sculpted by Neil Welch and is being limited to 1000 numbered and certificated pieces.

Prince Charles was born on 14th November 1948 and Her Majesty has awarded her heir an honorary five-star rank in all three Military services to acknowledge his support in her role as Commander-in-Chief. Therefore he can wear the uniforms of Field Marshal of the British Army, Admiral of the Fleet in the Royal Navy and in this case, Marshal of the Royal Air Force. The model shows a distinguished Prince Charles in his blue Royal Air Force uniform and cap complete with his rank insignia on the shoulders and sleeves, an array of medals, ceremonial blue sash, gold brocade and cumber bund details.

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