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Remarkable $15 Million Stamp Collection Sale Announced by “Bond King” Bill Gross

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Investment guru and “Bond King,” Bill Gross, formerly managing over $290 billion in assets and author of “Everything You Know About Investing Is Wrong,” is set to auction over $15 million worth of rare stamps this June. Gross, a co-founder of PIMCO, has already made over $50 million from previous stamp sales, and is now preparing to part with his most cherished collection.

1868 One-cent “Z” Grill America's most valuable postage stamp
1868 One-cent “Z” Grill America’s most valuable postage stamp

Dubbed the Bill Gross Collection of United States Stamps, this assemblage is acclaimed for being complete—a term that sparks curiosity and admiration in the philatelic community. For nearly two decades, Gross has held onto stamps so rare that they are singular in existence, such as the 1868 One-cent “Z” Grill, estimated to fetch between $4 million and $5 million alone, and the unique 1873 24-cent “Continental.”

page of rare grilled stamps in the Gross collection
The page of rare grilled stamps in the Gross collection, with a total 2024 Scott Catalogue value of $7,382,000.

The collection, guided by the Scott Catalogue—which lists every stamp issued by the U.S. government—is a treasure trove that includes the notorious 24-cent Inverted Jenny among other rarities. This exhaustive collection reflects centuries of American history and showcases the pinnacle of American stamp collecting.

stamps including inverted jenny
Remarkable $15 Million Stamp Collection Sale Announced by “Bond King” Bill Gross

The auction will take place over two days, with the top 100 stamps being auctioned on June 14 at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel in Manhattan, conducted by Siegel Auction Galleries of New York City. The event promises to highlight historical gems such as the One-cent “Z” Grill, appearing on the auction block for the first time in 26 years. The remaining stamps will be sold the following day at the Collectors Club of New York, completing the sale of what is considered one of the most significant collections of American postage stamps ever compiled.

This event isn’t just an auction; it’s the culmination of a lifelong passion, blending Bill Gross’s financial acumen with his dedication to a childhood dream.

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