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Morph’s Epic Art Adventure and Auction

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Morph’s Epic Art Adventure and Auction – In the bustling city of London, an extraordinary art expedition is about to take over the streets, promising a fantastic, inclusive experience for all. Morph’s Epic Art Adventure in London, the UK’s first step-free art trail, is set to be the highlight of the summer, offering an immersive tourist attraction that is both visually spectacular and universally accessible. The public art trail, set to run from 19 June to 20 August 2023, is an initiative by Whizz-Kidz, the leading UK charity for young wheelchair users.

Astromorph from Morphs Epic Art Adventure
Astromorph from Morphs Epic Art Adventure by Megan Heather Smith-Evans. Space explorers go above and beyond & Astromorph is no exception. After years of training, our lovable Morph is now ready for his next mission of going into space, showing everybody is capable of achieving their dreams!

The cityscape of London will serve as a vibrant canvas to host 56 super-sized sculptures of Morph, the endearing character from the well-loved children’s TV show. Each statue will be a unique artwork, designed and decorated by a mix of established and budding artists. Adding to the city’s most notable landmarks, these sculptures will form an intriguing trail that encourages families, locals, and visitors to explore the city in a fresh, fun-filled manner.

Maximus Morpheus Londinium from Morphs Epic Art Adventure
Maximus Morpheus Londinium from Morphs Epic Art Adventure byTim. Et tu Morpheus! This design sees Morph resplendent in his shining armour as Roman legionary Morpheus Maximus posted to Londinium in the first century AD to guard the Amphitheatre that once stood on this spot.

Additionally, a series of ‘Mini Morph’ sculptures, created and nurtured by local school students, will further add charm to the trail. This series will offer an opportunity for young talents to have their creativity celebrated alongside established artists.

Participants will be guided through the heart of London with the help of a specially designed Trail Map and App. As they journey along the South Bank of the River Thames and meander through the historic City of London, they’ll be able to discover each sculpture, unlocking a series of rewards and fun facts along the way.

Morph the Yeoman Guard from Morphs Epic Art Adventure
Morph the Yeoman Guard from Morphs Epic Art Adventure by Amanda Quellin. I wanted to design a piece which reflects the longtime traditions of Britain, and the colourful costumes associated with our cultural past. I came across the vivid attire of the Yeomen, who are synonymous with historic London.

However, this art adventure aims to do more than simply entertain; it carries a profound message at its heart. By raising public awareness about the needs of young wheelchair users, it seeks to reinforce the importance of inclusivity and mobility in society. As participants revel in the artistic magic of the Morph sculptures, they will also be encouraged to engage with the broader issues of accessibility and social inclusion.

The grand finale of the trail will see these distinctive sculptures auctioned, with the proceeds going towards the vital work of Whizz-Kidz. This offers art enthusiasts a chance to not only own a unique piece of art history, but also to contribute to a worthy cause.

For more information visit Morph’s Adventure London

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