McDonald’s Happy Meal Featuring Disney’s Aladdin & Madame Alexander®

York, NY (October 15th, 2004) – Little girls and doll enthusiasts
of all ages will be very happy indeed, when they discover a
new way to collect their favorite classic Madame Alexander®
dolls. The third collaboration with the venerable Alexander
Doll Company, McDonald’s is debuting a new Happy Meal® featuring
miniature versions of beloved Madame Alexander Disney dolls.

Gale Jarvis, President of Madame Alexander, states, "For
nearly 80 years Madame Alexander has been continuing the tradition
of creating beautiful dolls of superior quality to delight and
challenge the imagination of little girls everywhere. Working
with McDonald’s provides a wonderful opportunity to reacquaint
mothers with Madame Alexander, allowing them to introduce their
favorite characters to their own daughters, inspiring a whole
new generation of collectors, and helping to create new memories
by sharing fond ones from the past."

Happy Meal® promotion, which runs from October 15th through
November 4th, or while supplies last, will feature a series
of six 4 3/4-inch versions of classic Madame Alexander dolls.
These time-tested favorites have proven popularity and wide-ranging
appeal, and the line-up offers a range of characters from traditional
Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cruella De
Vil, Jasmine, Blue Fairy and Pinocchio.

Destined to become sought-after collectibles, the Alexander
Happy Meal dolls represent the first time that McDonald’s has
offered a doll with "sleep eyes," an innovation introduced
to the toy industry by Madame Alexander in the early 1930s.
McDonald’s worked with the Alexander Design Team to ensure that
the dolls produced were of the highest possible quality and
truly capture the charm and many of the essential components
of a traditional Madame Alexander doll. All the dolls are articulated
and wear at least one item of full fabric clothing. There is
fine, detailed painting on the faces, and most have rooted,
rather than wigged, hair, a feature especially important to
doll collectors of all ages.

Alexander Doll Company, a New York-based company, continues
the tradition, elegance and innovation of Madame Alexander®
dolls with a full line of fine quality, handcrafted collectible
dolls, baby dolls and play dolls. The company has created a
series of "firsts" that have shaped the doll industry
and has always been a pioneer of style and quality in this community.

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