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Mattel Releases First-Ever Collectible Disney Alice in Wonderland Doll

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In an exciting nod to Disney’s centennial celebration, Mattel has unveiled its first-ever doll set inspired by a beloved scene from the timeless Disney classic, Alice in Wonderland. This collector’s item vividly brings to life the whimsical moment when Alice, in her curious adventure, consumes a magic cake and becomes too big for the White Rabbit’s house.

Disney Collector Alice in Wonderland Doll
Disney Collector Alice in Wonderland Doll

This unique Alice in Wonderland doll, standing at 10.5 inches tall, is meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of the curious Alice. Dressed in a charming blue dress and a multi-layered petticoat with an eyelet trim, the doll perfectly encapsulates Alice’s iconic look. Additional costume details include lace-trimmed bloomers and a cotton percale apron, adding to the overall authenticity of Alice’s ensemble.

The set isn’t just about Alice, though. A three-sided, intricately sculpted house representative of the White Rabbit’s abode is included, along with a figure of the White Rabbit himself and miniature pieces of his furniture. The packaging cleverly depicts the furniture pieces appearing to fly out of the house, adding a dynamic touch that calls back to the surreal nature of the original scene.

Each Alice in Wonderland doll set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring the originality and high quality of this special item. Made in celebration of Disney’s “100 Years of Wonder,” the doll is sure to be a treasured collectible for Disney aficionados.

Please note that the doll cannot stand alone and comes with a doll stand. Also, due to the exclusive nature of this release, there is a limit of 2 orders per customer.

For those eager to bring home this piece of Disney history, the Disney Collector Alice in Wonderland Doll is set to ship on or before October 6, 2023. Priced at £94 in the UK and $100 in the US, the unique piece promises to be an unforgettable addition to any Disney enthusiast’s collection. Remember, the color and decorations may vary, as part of the surprise of Wonderland is never quite knowing what you’re going to get. ©Disney.

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