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Malibu Barbie 50 Years

The first Malibu Barbie® and her beach-loving friends were released in 1971. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the release the original California girl and her friends, a Malibu Barbie® gift set featuring classic reproductions of Barbie® , PJ and Christie dolls, each wearing a replica of her original swimsuit has been released.

barbie malibu 50th anniversary gift set

The set includes a  towel, sunglasses and vintage wrist tag complete each doll’s beach-bound look. and includes doll stands and Certificate of Authenticity.

Barbie® Signature turned to the inimitable Bill Greening to design not only a repro of Malibu Barbie®, but also two of her beach besties from back in the day. “Malibu Barbie is such a big part of Barbie history and pop culture,” Bill says. “She launched in 1971 in a collection called “The Sun Set.” It consisted of four dolls: Malibu Barbie, her boyfriend Malibu Ken, her cousin Malibu Francie, and her sister Malibu Skipper. Malibu PJ was added in 1972 and Malibu Christie in 1973. All the dolls (with the exception of Christie) featured a new tan skin tone and sunny blonde hair. Each doll had bright swimsuits, beach towels, and all the girls had sunglasses.”

Did you know?

Malibu Barbie was the first ‘Barbie’ doll (not counting Barbie doll’s friends) to have centered eyes and a smile with teeth. Barbie doll’s previous incarnations were always with a side glance and a closed mouth

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