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Louie the Harrods Christmas Bear 2022

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Louie the Harrods Christmas Bear 2022
Louie the Harrods Christmas Bear 2022 (22cm)

Another Christmas, another lovely Harrods Christmas Bear. Harrods present their annual Harrods Christmas Bear and for 2022 he is named Louie.

Louie will be the 37th Harrods Christmas bear. Louie wears a knitted jacket – a style inspired by the first Christmas Bear, launched in 1986 – comes in our iconic green hue, keeping him warm as he awaits Santa’s sleighbells.

The 22cm Louie is priced at £35.

There are also a 49cm Louie priced at £150 and a giant 91.5cm Louie priced at £500.

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A Brief History of Harrods

Established in 1834 by Charles Henry Harrod, Harrods in Knightsbridge, London, commenced as a small grocery shop. Through astute management and keen business acumen, it burgeoned into a symbol of opulence and elegance. The late 19th century saw the store engulfed in flames, a pivotal moment leading to its grand reconstruction, resulting in the opulent facade that graces Knightsbridge today. Harrods’ reputation for excellence and luxury burgeoned, attracting an affluent clientele from around the world.

Despite facing adversities such as the destruction wrought by World War II bombings and shifts in ownership, Harrods endured, consistently adapting to the evolving retail landscape while maintaining its commitment to quality and luxury. The store’s diverse offerings expanded over the years, encompassing haute couture, fine jewelry, gourmet foods, and luxury goods of every variety.

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