Harrods Joshua Christmas Bear 2019


joshua harrods christmas bear 2019It is that time of year again when Harrods present their annual Harrods Christmas Bear and for 2019 the little fellow has the name Joshua.

Joshua will be the 34th Harrods Christmas bear. He is a traditional brown bear and is dressed ready for the snow in a white woolen jumper and white woolen bobble hat (with a Harrods label on the front). Harrods 2019 is embroidered to his left foot.

There are two sizes available: Harrods Joshua Christmas Bear 2019 (42cm) and Harrods Joshua Christmas Bear 2019 (51cm).

Joshua also features in a number of related decorations and baubles.

Learn more about Harrods Christmas Bears.

For more information please visit Harrods.

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