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Hallmark Produces Presidential Card

White House has selected Hallmark Cards, Inc., for the fourth
year in a row, to produce the official 2004 presidential holiday
card. The cards will be mailed to friends and family of President
and Mrs. George W. Bush, as well as to foreign dignitaries.

The card image is an exclusive design of the Red Room of The
White House. The room’s small size and vivid color scheme
have become a favorite place for presidents and first ladies
over the years.

Pictured right – The 2004
presidential holiday card features a painting by artist Cindi

Artist Cindi Holt of Fort Worth, Texas, was chosen by President
and Mrs. Bush to create the original artwork that is featured
on the front of the card. Holt’s paintings have been described
as Matisse-like images that are at times whimsical and always

Holt’s painting of the Red Room is reproduced on the card
as a tip-on on elegant ecru stock and surrounded by a debossed
border. An embossed gold foil presidential seal highlights the
insert page.

President and Mrs. Bush selected a Psalm to be incorporated
on the card with a brief message.

message inside the card reads:

Let us come before him with Thanksgiving and extol him with
music and song. Psalm 95:2 (NIV)

May songs of joy fill your home with warmth and your heart
with happiness this holiday season. 2004

Pictured right – The inside
message from President and Mrs. Bush is highlighted by an embossed
gold foil presidential seal.

Hallmark’s presidential card project leader Dan Stifter
was thrilled to be able to work on the card. “I am honored
that Hallmark was once again chosen to help the Bush family
continue the important annual tradition of sending holiday cards,”
Stifter said. “Card-sending is a great way to stay in touch
with family and friends, which is especially important during
the holiday season.”

Work began on the holiday card in June when a team from Hallmark
began collaborating with President and Mrs. Bush.

Hallmark began making Christmas cards for presidents in 1953,
when Dwight D. Eisenhower started what has become a White House
tradition. The company has created at least one card for each
administration with the exception of the Clinton administration.
The 2004 card is the 37th official card created by Hallmark
for the White House.

In 1982, Hallmark donated its Presidential Christmas Card Collection
to the National Museum of American History, a part of the Smithsonian
Institution. The Hallmark Visitors Center adjacent to the Kansas
City headquarters of Hallmark Cards, Inc., also displays the
Presidential Christmas Card Collection.

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