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Corgi Yellow Submarine

The Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia Sale, held in Knightsbridge on Tuesday 16 June included a number of interesting Beatles collectables and memorabilia.

Pictured right: A Corgi ‘Yellow Submarine’ die-cast model,
in original box with moulded backing; together with a Yellow Submarine Tie Tac Pin on card sold for £216.

Highlights included a pair of barber’s chairs, used by the Beatles on 25 March 1963 for a celebrated photo- shoot around Liverpool with Dezo Hoffman.

One of the chairs, original fixtures from Horne Brothers’ famous Liverpudlian barbershop, is distinctive for its lack of a headrest. It was in this chair that Paul McCartney was photographed having his hair cut in the Beatles’ ‘moptop’ style. The two chairs together were expected to achieve £6,000-10,000 at auction.

Pictured left: The Beatles: A pair of barber’s chairs as featured in the Dezo Hoffman photographs of the group in Liverpool, 25th March 1963,
US-made, swivel-base, chrome-plated frame with vinyl-covered upholstery, side lever for height adjustment, folding foot-rest, one lacking head-rest

ChairsThe Beatles spent the 25th March being photographed in different locations around Liverpool, including Horne Brothers’ famous barbershop in Lord Street, the Cavern, and at Paul’s house in Forthlin Road. There were three chairs installed in the barber’s, one of which lacked a headrest, matching that in which Paul was photographed. This day resulted in some images which are now known around the world, and also saw the ‘Beatle’ haircut adopted by all four, with Ringo finally exchanging his 1950s’ style for the iconic ‘moptop’. The chairs were moved from Horne Brothers after many years, seeing further service in several hairdressing businesses in the Liverpool area, before finally being ‘retired’ by the current owners in 2006.

Other items belonging to the Beatles are included in the sale, among them John Lennon’s typewriter and a pair of his Kef hi-fi speakers from Tittenhurst Park – given by Lennon to the estate’s handyman when he moved to New York.

John Lennon TypewriterPictured right: John Lennon: a portable imperial typewriter,
with original transfers, Imperial The Good Companion Model T

This was one of several of John’s possessions from the 1950s donated by his Aunt Mimi to a Liverpool charity involved in music therapy. The other items comprised a Gallotone guitar and a number of 78rpm records. In a letter that Mimi wrote at the time of the donation in the 1980s, she stated that, ‘With regards to the request for items in support of yo ur Liverpool handicapped musicians appeal, most requests I have to refuse, however, in this case I feel able to make an exception…John used this very typewriter for some of his first attempts at songwriting…’ sold for £2640.

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