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Tinplate and Plastic Auction

on from its successful sale on November, which was part of its
best week, ever – toy auction house Vectis is to offer
its latest collection of tinplate toys on March 17th.

Some 800 lots of tinplate and other toys once again mostly
mint and boxed, which come from a famous Greek collector and
form the second part of the "Greek Collection." They
represent tin toys from many British, European, Japanese and
U.S. manufacturers and include examples from Triang, Gama, Techno
and Tipp to name but a few.

"The November sale saw dealers from all over Europe and
the rest of the world bidding on the items, both in the room
and on the Internet," said David Bowers, one of the auction
houses tinplate experts. He added: "The next sale should
be no exception. There are some great items on offer rarely
come up for auction in such superb condition.

David Bowers is pictured with some of the items from the sale.
They are starting from the left a UK make Ranlite Bakelite Saloon
Car Boxed 1950s £700-£900. A German Arnold Military
Police Jeep 1950s £150 – £200. A German Tin Tipper
Truck 1950s £150 – £200. A boxed Gama Airliner 1950s,
£200 – £300.A German Tipp and Co Military Truck
1950s £100 – £150 and a UK Victory Models MG Sports
Car £80 – £120.

David said: "There are many items for those who are starting
to collect as well as more the more expensive items.

"There is an excellent Triang Minic vehicle section of
both pre and post war vehicles as well as a novelty and Robot
section and for the first time a section devoted to Wells Brimtoy
Pocketoy models which are becoming increasingly popular. There
really is something for everyone."

For more details visit the Vectis
web site.

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pages and message board.