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Nelson and Battle of Trafalgar sale

the bi-centenary celebrations underway for Horatio Nelson’s
victory at the Battle of Trafalgar, Bonhams is hoisting the
flag for its July Sale of Nelson and Royal Navy 1806-1815 related
memorabilia – the first of its kind to be held by an international
auction house to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle
of Trafalgar.

Two doors down from where Nelson lived on New Bond Street,
Bonhams will offer the press an exclusive preview of rare items
consigned for sale on 24th March. WCN will add a report just
after the event.

Mrs Anna Horatia Tribe, Admiral Nelson’s great, great, great
grand-daughter, will be available for interview, as will her
daughter Mrs Mary Horatia Arthur. World experts in marine works
of art and paintings: Jon Baddeley, Lionel Willis and Alistair
Laird will be available for interview.

Rare items on view include:

A lock of Nelson’s hair, presented by Emma Hamilton. Estimate
John Stephen Dews’ HMS Victory breaking the enemy line at the
Battle of Trafalgar, oil on canvas, 101 x 167 cm. Estimate £80,000-120,000.

An Exceptional Cased Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund Trafalgar Sword
And Belt Of £100 Value To Charles Tyler Esq., Captain
Of H.M.S. Tonnant, dated 21st October 1805. (Estimate refer
department.) Admiral Sir Charles Tyler was one of Nelson’s "band
of brothers" and a member of his "inner circle"
on whose fate and skill Britain’s supremacy at sea came to depend
on so heavily.
A rare Admiralty Dockyard Limewood Model of the Figurehead of
HMS Queen Charlotte, circa 1783. Discovered in a garage after
200 years it is one of two models of comparable size, age and
quality in the world. Estimate £50,000-70,000.
A Naval Gold Trafalgar Medal from the Captain Tyler Collection.
Estimate £40,000-60,000.
A hand-painted silk panel bearing the arms of Lord and Lady
Nelson, used on the black velvet pall at Nelson’s funeral. Estimate
A named and numbered ticket for Nelson’s funeral. Estimate £1,200-1,500.

A Gold Box with inset portrait miniature of Napoleon Bonaparte
captured at Trafalgar. Estimate £4,000-6,000.
A number of Nelson’s letters. Estimates range from £2,000-6,000.

For more details visit the Bonhams
web site.