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Exceptional Collection of Doulton Lambeth including Hannah Barlow at Unique Auctions

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A pair of rounded Royal Doulton vases by Hannah Barlow featuring sheep design

One of the best collections of Doulton Lambeth and early Royal Doulton for many years is to be sold at Lincoln Auctioneers Unique Auctions as part of their New Years Day auction. The single owner collection features includes nearly 100 pieces including designers Hannah Barlow, Florence Barlow, Arthur  Barlow, Emma Martin and Louisa Davies. The collection also includes many rare Doulton Lambeth patterns with the majority of pieces in excellent condition.

For Lambeth Doulton collectors the auction rooms will definitely be worth a visit.

For more information visit Unique Auctions Doulton Lambeth sale

Hannah Barlow and Doulton Lambeth

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