Auction News

Attic Find! Golly Gosh!

the specialist Toy auction house is to auction a rare Steiff
Golly in its 16th of March auction.

"This golly was discovered by a house clearance- wrapped
within many layers of brown paper secured with string. Outer
packaging consisted of plastic carrier bags. We will never know
how long he had lain there. This accounts for his exceptional
condition- felt normally fades in daylight- let alone sunlight.
Also materials used for construction- natural fibres- felt mohair
and excelsior (wood wool) stuffing tend to sweat and need to
breath. By wrapping in natural product- brown paper and then
outer layer of plastic- unwelcome visitors like moths, beetles,
ear-wigs and weevils haven’t used golly as a meal!"

The odds of finding a Steiff golly in any condition is exceedingly
unlikely. The condition of this one belies his considerable

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