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Willow Collectables A Quintessential Fantasy Classic at 35

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Thirty-five years ago, a diminutive Nelwyn named Willow Ufgood embarked on a perilous journey to protect a baby destined to overthrow an evil queen. He traversed mythical lands filled with magic and monsters, and along the way, found courage he never knew he had. This, in essence, encapsulates the magic and charm of “Willow,” a film that continues to enchant audiences, even as it celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. As well as exploring the film, its legacy, we take a look at some of the Willow Collectables and ephemera related to the film.

Willow (1988) British Quad film poster signed on the front by Warwick Davis
Willow (1988) British Quad film poster signed on the front by Warwick Davis. This example sold for £65 at Ewbank’s, October 2020.

The year was 1988 when “Willow,” directed by Ron Howard and produced by George Lucas, debuted in theaters. The fantasy epic, starring Warwick Davis as the reluctant hero Willow and Val Kilmer as the roguish swordsman Madmartigan, is a timeless tale of good triumphing over evil, but its impact runs deeper.

“Willow” is a landmark film for several reasons. The movie was one of the early adopters of digital technology, including the pioneering use of the Morphing technology that allowed for the seamless transformation of one image into another. This revolutionary technique helped to set the stage for the astonishing visual effects we see in today’s films.

Limited Edition D23-Exclusive Willow 35th Anniversary Pin
Limited Edition D23-Exclusive Willow 35th Anniversary Pin.

Willow showcased the talents of Warwick Davis in a leading role. Then only 18, Davis demonstrated a maturity and charm that anchored the film. His portrayal of Willow, a character who starts off timid but grows into a brave and noble hero, remains one of his most memorable performances.

Warwick Davis Hand signed Photo from the film Willow
Warwick Davis Hand signed Photo from the film Willow. Estimate £10-£20. This example sold for £10 at Chaucer Covers & Auctions, February 2022.

The character of Willow was also significant because he was a character of short stature portrayed as the hero. It is rare even today to find fantasy or adventure movies where the hero does not conform to traditional heroic stereotypes. “Willow” broke this mold, showing that heroes can come in all sizes.

Vintage 1988 WILLOW Movie Plastic Lunchbox Lucasfilm with Thermos
Vintage 1988 WILLOW Movie Plastic Lunchbox Lucasfilm with Thermos. Sold for $48.00 on ebay, May 2023.

The film’s score, composed by the legendary James Horner, is another standout. From the rousing themes of heroism to the enchanting melodies that encapsulate the movie’s mystical elements, the music of “Willow” remains as captivating today as it was when first heard in theaters.

WILLOW Movie Film Scenes 1988 PANINI STICKERS. This lot of 133 stickers sold for $95.99 on ebay, June 2023.

Despite its initial mixed critical reception, “Willow” has stood the test of time, gaining a strong cult following and influencing a generation of filmmakers. It’s the kind of film that takes viewers on an unforgettable journey, full of wonder, magic, and heart.

Vintage 1988 Tonka Willow Ufgood and Queen Bavmorda figures
Vintage 1988 Tonka Willow Ufgood and Queen Bavmorda figures. These two figures sold for $29.95 on ebay, March 2023. Tonka released a total of 14 basic figures, 3 of which were variations of Willow.

Marvel Comics’ adaptation of “Willow” brought a fresh, dynamic visual interpretation of the beloved fantasy tale. The three issues series was released in 1988. This comic series skillfully transformed the film’s narrative into a strikingly illustrated sequential art form, allowing fans to re-experience the adventures of Willow Ufgood and his companions. It breathed new life into the rich lore of the “Willow” universe, expanding upon the characters, magical elements, and fantastical realms. The comic also served as a bridge between the original film and its contemporary audience, demonstrating that the enduring appeal of Willow’s epic journey transcends the boundaries of medium and time.

1988 Willow 1 movie adaptation CGC 9.6
1988 Willow 1 movie adaptation CGC 9.6. This copy sold for $139.99 on ebay, April 2023.

The 2022 Disney+ reboot of “Willow” arrived with high expectations and nostalgia-soaked enthusiasm, only to be met with a single, albeit adventurous, 8-episode season. Picking up over two decades after the defeat of Queen Bavmorda, the series introduced a ragtag group of six unlikely heroes, venturing beyond the comforts of their home into a world teeming with peril. The overarching mission: to protect their world from the menacing Gales and their alliance with the Wyrm, under the behest of the enigmatic Crone. The series, while not lacking in ambition or scope, unfortunately, didn’t resonate strongly enough with audiences to warrant a second season. Despite its premature end, the reboot stayed true to its roots by blending old-world charm with modern storytelling techniques, celebrating the spirit of the original while introducing a new generation to the magic of Willow’s universe. Creator Jon Kasdan did say that the Willow series may return. Let’s hope so.

Funko POP! Movies Willow Ufgood
Funko POP! Movies Willow Ufgood. Funko have released a number of figures in the Willow series including Sorsha and General Kael.

This 35th anniversary of “Willow” is a fitting moment to reflect on its significance. In a time where the fantasy genre is dominated by large franchises, “Willow” remains a testament to the power of a standalone, character-driven story. Its enduring appeal lies in its charming characters, groundbreaking effects, and a captivating story of an unlikely hero standing up against the odds. The legacy of “Willow” is, indeed, a celebration of the magic of cinema and the power of courage, friendship, and determination.

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