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The Mary Quant Daisy Doll – ‘the best dressed doll in the world’

When it comes to fashion, there are few names as iconic as Mary Quant. The designer is most famous for her miniskirts and other 1960s-inspired designs, which continue to be popular even today. Mary Quant was also responsible for the fashions of a doll called Daisy, and named after the Mary Quant bright orange Daisy logo. We take a look at Daisy and and how she and her clothes have become very collectable and include a small price guide and some values. Daisy Doll items on ebay

Photograph of Mary Quant at the launch of the new doll Daisy
Photograph of Mary Quant at the launch of the new doll Daisy.

Internationally famous Mary Quant makes Daisy the best dressed doll in the world.

Daisy was released in the UK in 1973, She entered the doll market to compete with likes of Sindy and Barbie and her unique selling point was that her clothes were designed by Mary Quant,  who was synonymous with the fashion of the swinging 60s. The doll was made in Hong Kong and distributed in the UK by Flair Toys and in North America by Gabriel Industries.

Mary Quant Daisy April Showers Doll & Outfit
Mary Quant Daisy April Showers Doll & Outfit in box. Sold on ebay for $325 / £275, July 2022.

Daisy was approximately 9 inches tall and came in three different variations:
“Dizzy Daisy” version 1 with bendable legs and twistable body
“Dizzy Daisy” version 2 without bendable body and without twistable body
“Dashing Daisy” a more active version with a bendable body and curved hands allowing her to hole objects

Daisy was produced with 3 hair colors: blond to brunette and red.
It was her clothes that were to set her apart at the time and her clothes that are making her sought-after today.

Mary Quant Daisy Doll Clothes

Mary Quant has designed a stunning range of up-to-the-minute clothes and accessories exclusively for Daisy. Something for every season, every time of day.

Mary Quant designed many outfits ranging from dresses to evening gowns and to flared pants  to sports clothes. Daisy even sported an outfit for skateboarding showing that Mary was taking inspiration from trends at the time.

Mary Quant Daisy Doll Garden Party dress 65270
Mary Quant Daisy Doll Garden Party dress 65270. Sold for £150 / $180 on ebay, August 2022.

Outfits included Bees Knees, Dotty, St Tropez, St Moritz, Showbiz, Fandango, April Showers, Derby Day, Charlie Girl, Frou Frou and Bee-Bop. Some of these outfits are selling for over £100/$120 when mint in packet. Clothes out of packet range from a few dollars / pounds to over $100 / £80 for rare examples.

Boxed Mary Quant Daisy by Gabriel 35411 Bees Knees doll
Boxed Mary Quant Daisy by Gabriel 35411 Bees Knees doll. Sold for £130 at Wessex Auction Rooms, September 2021.

Daisy’s Friend, Pets and Accessories

Daisy’s best friend was Amy and was only available in the UK by redeeming daisy tokens from Daisy packages. She had pet dog called spot and a horse called Archie. Accessories were available and included a house, bed, wardrobe, a horse, scooter and the Daisy Mobile.

Daisy Doll pet dog Spot the Dalmatian
Daisy Doll pet dog Spot the Dalmatian

Who was Mary Quant?

Mary Quant was a British fashion designer and businesswoman who was an important figure in the Swinging Sixties. She is credited with popularising the miniskirt and hot pants, and her fashion empire included boutiques, a cosmetics line, and a perfume. She was born in 1934 in Blackheath, London, and studied illustration at Goldsmiths College. After graduating, she started working as a window dresser for a department store, before opening her own boutique called Bazaar in 1955.

Mary Quant Daisy Doll Hopscotch set
Vintage Mary Quant Daisy Doll ‘Hopscotch’ red check maxi skirt blouse and red shoes completes the outfit. Sold for £24.05 / $30 on ebay, July 2022.

By the early 1960s, her designs were being featured in magazines such as Vogue, and she became one of the most photographed women in Britain. In 1966, she launched her signature fragrance, Quant by Capricorn, which became one of the best-selling perfumes of the decade. Mary Quant retired from fashion design in 2001, but her legacy continues to influence fashion today.

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