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Roald Dahl and Robert Harrop

roal dahl robert harrop signRobert Harrop  created this wonderful set of official Roald Dahl figurines based on the illustrations by Quentin Blake in 2003. There are 27 figurines in the collection featuring all of Dahl’s most famous characters with RD01 being Willy Wonka. As with all Harrop figurines they are very accurate and a true portrayal of Blakes illustrations. The Roald Dahl Robert Harrop collection is very collectable and is one of the few collections increasing in value.

Robert Harrop Roald Dahl figurines

RD01 Willy Wonka
RD02 Charlie Bucket
RD03 The BFG

RD04 Mr Twit
RD05 Mrs Twit
RD06 Matilda

RD07 Georges Marvelous Medicine
RD08 Fantastic Mr Fox
RD09 The Grand High Witch

RD10 The Enormous Crocodile
RD11 The Giraffe, the pelly and me
RD12 Alfie
RD13 James and the Grasshopper
RD14 The magic finger
RD15 Miss Trunchbull

RD16 Violet Beauregarde
RD17 Grandpa Joe
RD18 Danny the champion of the world
RD19 Badger
RD20 Augustus Gloop
RD21 Boggis
RD22 Bunce
RD23 Bean
RD24 Veruca Salt
RD25 Mike Teavee
RDCP Collection plaque
RDLE1 Dream Catcher/BFG

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