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Elsa Figurine Enesco Grand Jester Studios CollectionWhen a Disney Movie comes out that becomes extremely popular, like Frozen has, there are bound to be massive amounts of toys, collectables and memorabilia that get launched, and this is certainly the case with this feature movie, Frozen.

Pictured: Elsa Figurine, Enesco Grand Jester Studios Collection

Anna Figurine Enesco Grand Jester Studios CollectionFrozen is an animated Movie, by Disney that follows the tale of a princess (Anna) and her friends who go on a quest to rescue her sister in a kingdom that has been cursed in perpetual winter. Anna’s voice is played by Kirsten Bell. It instantly became hugely popular and is seen as one of the best movies of 2013, and one of the best animated movies of all time.

Pictured: Anna Figurine, Enesco Grand Jester Studios Collection

As Frozen is aimed at children, there are many official frozen toys on the market, some of these include:

  • disney frozen elsa swarovskiThere are a wide variety of Dolls and figurines from the Frozen movie. All your favorite characters such as Anna, Elsa and Olaf are available in different outfits and with different props. You can get complete story sets which include all of the main characters to allow you to create your own Frozen adventure. There are also many props available such as castle playsets, talking dolls, dresses, sleighs and much more for using with your dolls.

Pictured: Disney Frozen Elsa the Snow Queen with Swarovski Crystals: Let It Go Figurine by The Hamilton Collection

  • Different types of costumes and dress up props from the movie such as Elsa’s snow wand, tea sets, hair stylers, nail polish, jewelry like Elsa’s and Anna’s jewelry, purses, vanity play sets, lip balm, Tiara’s like worn by Anna, sparkle make up, back packs, bracelets and different kinds of Dresses in the styles that main characters donned in the movie.

jim shore frozen elsa annaPictured: Jim Shore Disney Traditions Frozen Elsa and Anna

  • Arts and craft supplies such as play-doh, activity books, coloring sets, and sticker kits, paint brushes, activity tubes, easels, window markers, rolling art desks, table easels, art cases, drawing mats, and Frozen doodle etch a sketches.

Pictured: Frozen The Warmth of Love Giclée on Canvas by Jim Salvati – Sisters Elsa and Anna share a tender embrace as Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf look on in this limited edition artwork. Inspired by Frozen, ”The Warmth of Love” was created by Jim Salvati and is part of the Treasures on Canvas Collection.

Frozen The Warmth of Love Giclée on Canvas by Jim Salvati

  • Outdoor toys such as play tents, toy cars such as mustangs and jeeps, walkie talkies, children’s bicycles, tricycles, bed tents, roller skates, bike helmets, snow shovels, ergonomic cruisers, scooters, umbrellas, igloo makers, small electric scooters, and snow speedsters which you sit on to slide down snow.

Pictured: Disney Animators’ Collection Anna Doll – Frozen production artists Becky Brese, Bill Schwab, and Jin Kim have reimagined Anna in her early years. Exquisitely costumed in a satin dress with floral detailing, this Anna doll is accompanied by the little snowman Olaf.

Disney Animators Collection Frozen Anna Doll

  • Different Kinds of Books, DVDs and music such as Karaoke DVDs, movie soundtracks, read-along story books, Blu-ray movie DVD’s, “sound books” , coloring books, look and find books and sing-along DVD’s.
  • Various furniture and utensils such as Toddler beds, play tents, sleeping bags, marshmallow arm chairs, marshmallow sofas, table and chair sets, step stools, bedding sets, tea pots, plates, cups, bowels, and cutlery.

Not everything could even be covered in this list, so I think it is safe to say that if you want something, you could always get the Frozen version of it!

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