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Collecting the Escape from Colditz board game

Escape from Colditz board game box

Originally released in 1973 this highly competitive, strategy card and dice driven board game can be found as a newer version almost fifty years on. However, there is still a market for the first edition.

Set during the real-life eponymous daring escape from Colditz prison, one player takes the role of a German security officer, and the other players will play the Allied prisoners looking to escape. Fascinatingly, the game was inspired and co-created by Major P.R. Reid who was one of the few British soldiers to successfully escape from Colditz Prison during the Second World War.

Escape from Colditz board game layout and items

Although used, original 1973 copies of the game printed by Gibson Games of London can still sell for around £40 and is considered highly collectible.

A newer version was produced by Osprey Games for those interested in playing this classic game and sells new for around the same price as the original. So you could always sell your old copy and invest in the shiny reprinted version. Otherwise, those who are nostalgic for this classic game can easily pick one up on the secondhand market.

Action Man Escape from Colditz

This set is very collectable and if you are able to find a set in perfect condition and complete it will sell for over £500 / $700. Even empty boxes in very good condition can sell for £80 / $110. The Action Man Escape from Colditz Set was released in 1974 was part of a range built upon the success of the BBC TV Colditz series and the popularity of Action Man at the time. The Escape from Colditz box set included the uniforms of the Escape Officer and a German Sentry – basically a paired down German Stormtrooper, along with detailed Colditz accessories, including a self- assembly German cardboard sentry box with barrier, and forged escape papers.

action man escape from colditz
Escape from Colditz Action Man Edition

The set was also released in a 40th Anniversary Edition. This set has a secondary market estimate of £150-£250 / $225-$375

action man escape from colditz 40th anniversary edition

Escape from Colditz board game feature by Rob Edmonds.

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