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Collecting James Bond 007 Jigsaw Puzzles

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There are many different strands for James Bond collectors to collect and this feature looks at collecting James Bond 007 Jigsaw Puzzles. We also include a price guide on some of the puzzles that have been sold at auction.

james bond jigsaws collage

Arrow Games produced a series of great jigsaw puzzles in the 1960s to tie in with the film franchise. As far as we can see there were four in the series. The set includes classic scenes from Goldfinger (Aston Martin ejector seat), From Russia with Love (Helicopter chase), Thunderball (Sean Connery wearing jet pack and scuba diving scene). Each jigsaw puzzle was 375 pieces.

james bond arrow jigsaw puzzles set
This set of Arrow puzzles sold at Astons Auctioneers for £80 in September 2017. Complete puzzles in excellent condition boxes should sell for £50-£70 / $70-$100 each.

Arrow James Bond Jigsaw Puzzle Price Guide
We have seen quite a range of price for the vintage Arrow James Bond 007 jigsaw puzzles.
Complete puzzles in very good or better boxes: £50-£70 / $70-$100 each.
Near complete puzzles in very good boxes: £25-£35 / $35/$55 each.
Very good or better boxes (no puzzles): £15-£35 / $25-$55 each.

Over the years James Bond puzzles have been created by a number of toy companies including Milton Bradley, HG Toys and Hestair to name a few.

milton bradley james bond jigsaw puzzles
Milton Bradley James Bond 007 Goldfinger and Thunderball jigsaw puzzles. These are two of a series of four produced. Complete puzzles in very good or better boxes should cost £30-£50 / $45-$70 each.

More recently Wentworth Wooden Puzzles have created a series of limited edition wooden jigsaw puzzles based on the films. At the time of writing four have been produced including Thunderball, Moonraker, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Dr No. The Dr No edition was an exclusive for, and features French poster artwork by Boris Grinsson. The puzzles included 250 pieces with some shaped pieces to reflect images from the film.

wentworth Dr No Wooden Puzzle

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