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Clarice Cliff Cottage Bookends

We recently featured the Clarice Cliff Teddy Bear Bookends and have been asked about the Clarice Cliff Cottage Bookends. These were created by Clarice Cliff when she was at the A. J. Wilkinson Ltd (one of the Shorter owned factories in Stoke-on-Trent). The bookends are brightly coloured, often with a bright red roof, and show the back and front of a house. They measure about 14cm high.

clarice cliff cottage bookends
A pair of Clarice Cliff Cottage bookends. Sold for £450 at Sworders, October 2019.

The example Cottage pictured shows the cottage having a bright red roof and blue coloured windows at the front and yellow at the back. The simple use of colours makes a very effective piece. The side of the book present the cottage against a blue sky with clouds to top right and left. The picture below shows the two side views.

Below is another example of the Clarice Cliff Cottage Bookends showing the variety of ways the piece can be painted.

clarice cliff cottage bizarre bookends
A pair of Clarice Cliff Cottage bookends painted in yellow with red roof and lined windows. Sold for £190 at Canterbury Auction Galleries, February 2022.

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