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Beswick Butterfly Plaques

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Beswick Purple Emperor Butterfly Model No 1487 Sold for £340 at Potteries Auctions September 2020

The wonderful Beswick Butterfly Plaques are quite rare and were produced from 1957 to 1963 and were all designed by Albert Hallam. We take a look at these colourful creations with a price guide of sales at auction.

Beswick Red Admiral Butterfly 1488
Beswick Red Admiral Butterfly Model No 1488 Sold for £300 at Mulberry Bank Auctions June 2017

There are thought to be nine designs and were made in large, medium and small sizes. Each Beswick Butterfly Plaque had a model number from 1487 to 1495.

Beswick 1489 Peacock Butterfly
Beswick Peacock Butterfly Model No 1489 Sold for £220 at Potteries Auctions September 2020
1490 Clouded Yellow Butterfly
Beswick Clouded Yellow Model No 1490 Sold for £100 at Richard Winterton Auctioneers April 2018

The model name and number is on the reverse of each butterfly plaque.

Beswick Tortoiseshell Butterfly 1491
Beswick Tortoiseshell Butterfly Model No 1491 Value £150

The wire antennae on the butterflies are quite fragile so complete examples in perfect condition can fetch a premium.

Beswick Swallow-tail Butterfly 1492
Beswick Swallow-tail Butterfly Model No 1492 Value £200

List of Butterfly plaques with their model number: 
1487 Purple Emperor Butterfly
1488 Red Admiral Butterfly
1489 Peacock Butterfly
1490 Clouded Yellow Butterfly
1491 Tortoiseshell Butterfly
1492 Swallow-tail Butterfly
1493 Small Copper Butterfly
1494 Purple Hairstreak Butterfly
1495 Small Heath Butterfly

Beswick Small Copper Butterfly 1493
Beswick Small Copper Butterfly Model No 1493 Value £200

Beswick Butterfly Plaques Price Guide

The collection of butterfly models by Albert Hallam are a rarity among Beswick and most modern collectables in that the prices are stable and rising. The prices for most butterflies are more than during the 1990s when many collectables peaked. Typical prices at auction are shown under each butterfly pictured.

Bewsick Purple Hairstreak Butterfly 1494
Bewsick Purple Hairstreak Butterfly Model No 1494 Sold for £220 at Sheffield Auction Gallery March 2019. One sold at Potteries Auction for £500 in May 2021.
Beswick Small Heath Butterfly 1495
Beswick Small Heath Butterfly Model No 1495 Sold for £200 at Hartleys Auctioneers September 2016

A great series and one that looks to be a long term investment.


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