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Yixing Stoneware Teapot
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Bonhams to Auction Yixing Stoneware Collection

Part of the Bonhams Autumn Auctions Series in Hong Kong, The Gerard Hawthorn Collection of Yixing Stoneware is an impressive, personal collection of a connoisseur dealer, who has passionately collected the finest quality Yixing ceramics, comparable to the rarest pieces in the Palace Museum, Beijing.

World Record Snuff Box
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Snuff Box World Record

The most important collection of porcelain snuff boxes assembled in the 20th century sold for a total of £1,700,000. The collection was formed by Helmut Joseph and comprised some 80 boxes covering the history of European Snuff Boxes.

Antiques News

Original Star Spangled Banner Fragments

Two superbly documented fragments of the original Star Spangled Banner, which inspired America’s national anthem in 1814 as it flew in defiance of the British over Ft. McHenry in Baltimore, MD, and were later in the collection of a Philadelphia museum, are expected to bring $60,000+ when they come up for bid as part of Heritage Auctions’ June 21 Arms & Militaria auction.