Disney and Lilliput Lane

It’s A Small World will be the headline sculpture at the Disneyana 2000 Collectibles Convention being held in September at Disneyworld. The piece is sculpted by Ray Day, who has been responsible for all but one the previous five Disneyana event models and for sculpting the majority of the American Collection produced by Lilliput Lane. It’s A Small World is based on the famous attraction at Disneyland, Anaheim.

Main Street Cinema (pictured right) was the 1999 convention piece, measuring 5.25” X 6.75” at the base and 4” tall (with flag added – 5.25”). Based on the cinema at Main Street, Disneyworld, the picture house is currently showing The Jungle Book.

Deck the Halls (pictured left) was the 1999 Lilliput Lane Limited Edition available at the Disney Christmas Collectibles Showcase at Walt Disney World, Florida. It is a re-working of the Hall of Presidents which was produced for the Disneyana Convention in 1996. The piece depicts the Hall of Presidents, surrounded by Christmas trees and covered with Christmas decorations.  

Lilliput Lane have been producing limited edition sculptures for Disney annually since 1995, the first was Firehouse 501 which Disney commissioned and was available for the 1995 Disneyana Convention in Disneyland. Firehouse 501 was limited to 501 pieces and quickly sold out.

The Hall of Presidents was produced the following year for the Disneyana Convention at Disney World. The piece is a replica of the Hall of Presidents which can be seen in Liberty Square at Disney World.  

For 1997 an excellent sculpture of the Haunted Mansion was produced, again for the Disneyana Convention at Disney World. There is already considerable interest for these on the secondary market with the Haunted Mansion being the most sort after.

The Magic Kingdom Train Station (pictured right, click on image for a larger picture) was the fifth model from Lilliput Lane to be produced for Disney. The piece was available at the 1998 Disneyana Convention.

Disney and Lilliput Lane first collaborated in 1986 to produce the Seven Dwarf’s Cottage (pictured left). This was also available exclusively at Disney World.

As with the Hall of Presidents, Firehouse 501 and the The Haunted Mansion, and The Magic Kingdom Train Station only a limited number were produced. The piece has become one of the most collectable of all the retired Lilliput Lane cottages.

Hopefully, Lilliput Lane will continue to produce cottages for Disney. The results so far have been outstanding.