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Merrythought release Royal Baby Celebration Teddy Bear

Merrythought have unveiled their collectible teddy bear to commemorate the birth of Princess Charlotte, the new daughter of William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Crafted from rich golden mohair, each approximately 11in tall Royal Baby teddy bear features fully-articulated limbs, shiny deep brown eyes and a beautifully hand-stitched nose. […]

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Jasper the 2014 Harrods Bear

Since 1986 Harrods have been producing a teddy bear to celebrate Christmas bear. The first specially designed bear was ‘Snow Bear.’ We ran a feature of Harrods Christmas Bears a few years ago which has become one of our most popular articles. There are quite a few collectors out there and each year there is much excitement about the annual bear.

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Collecting Disney Bears

Arctophiles who like Disney animations can have great fun building a collection based entirely around Disney bears, as Kathy Martin reveals When you think of the number of animals Disney have immortalised in their animations over the years, it’s surprising how rarely bears have been featured. Pictured right: Steiff Winnie […]

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Only The Best – The Steiff Story

These days there is a definite tendency to over-use adjectives such as ‘extraordinary’ and ‘inspirational’ but when these words are applied to the achievements of Margarete Steiff, founder of the world famous Steiff company, their use is amply justified. In the nineteenth century, to be female was almost as great […]

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Harrods Christmas Bears

Each year during the run up to Christmas I make a special trip to London and head straight for the prestigious department store Harrods. The purpose of this annual adventure is not to admire the festive window displays or even take in the electric atmosphere as people frantically cram their […]

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Maxwell the Harrods Chritsmas Bear 2009

2009 sees the newest Harrod’s Christmas bear ‘Maxwell’ join the twenty-four strong hug of furry friends.
Made with a super soft caramel coat he has warm chocolate brown eyes and is snugly wrapped up in a cherry red hooded jumper which has embroidered Christmassy items such as a festive tree, gingerbread man and Christmas pudding around the bottom.