Harmony Kingdom’s Royal Watch 5th Birthday

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The 5th Birthday Celebration for Harmony Kingdom’s Royal Watch Collectors Club took place at Purton House on June 10th. This was the first major event held in the UK and was jointly sponsored by the World Collectors Net and This is Collecting. Purton House is pictured right.

450 Harmony Kingdom collectors and retailers gathered to celebrate the Royal Watch Collector’s Club’s 5th birthday. This was the first time that all the Harmony Kingdom artists had gathered together at an event and the sunshine came out to greet the faithful who had travelled not only from all corners of the UK but also from Holland, Sweden, Canada and the USA.

The three UK Independent Collectors’ Clubs in the UK, Mad Murphy, Hidden Mouse Society and The Treasure Jest Seekers entered teams into the It’s a Knockout competition and enjoyed not only the wettest, soapiest bouncy castle games but also the mischievous antics of the artists’ team.

The bar-b-q provided much needed sustenance for the very wet but very exuberant party-goers. And so they were fresh enough to enjoy the ‘This is Your Life Lord Byron’ mini production, the first ever UK showing of the forthcoming Harmony Kingdom video, the Birthday Cake, the prize giving and the speeches. Action from the It’s a Knockout competition is puctured right.

Other activitities on the day included signings, treasure hunts, paining fun, competitions, and prize draws. Pictured
left are Children Painting the Harmony Kingdom Paint it! Set.

Attendees each received a free gift box entitled It’s a Knockout which featured two wrestling pigs. This was eventually limited to just 450, the number of tickets sold, making it one of the smallest editions Harmony Kingdom have produced so far.

Almost £3,000 was raised through a charity raffle and an auction of two Harmony Kingdom prototypes. All the proceeds went to benefit the National Meningitis Trust and the Celia Hammond Animal Trust.

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