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Wildlife WarriorsSince its current incarnation in 1995, Harmony Kingdom and their Boxes have become one of the most popular and hottest collectibles.

They combine humour, excellent craftwork, hidden messages, and the versatility of being a box. The models are crafted using crushed marble. They are then hand painted and tinted.

Pictured right is One World the 2009/2010 Royal Watch Collectors Club membership gift - sculpted by artist Peter Calvesbert. The piece celebrates 'our planet’s singularity', and depicts one animal from each of the seven continents.

Many of the earlier retired boxes are very collectable and already sell for many times there original purchase price, most notably Backscratch, Who'd A Thought and The Elusive Few. This collection consists of the Shaggy Dog, Panda, Shoe Bill, Shark, Ram, and the Rooster.

Along with the company, the Harmony Kingdom collectors club, The Royal Watch now in its tenth year has grown also grown substantially in numbers since its inception.The Club membership year begins on April 1 and ends on March 31.

Green TeamPictured left is Ed's One World Safari the members only redemption pieces for the 2009/2010 Royal Watch Collectors Club - sculpted by artist Peter Calvesbert.

Interest in the collectable has been encouraged the creation of local collecting chapters throughout the US, which enable members to meet, hold events and discuss HK.

Message in a Box - A Look at Harmony Kingdom

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