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Goebel Whimsical Animals Part 1

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Goebel Whimsical Animals

Goebel Whimsical Animals Last time we talked about various animal figurines. This month let’s look at more goebel animals, but of the cutesy variety.

The first series is the eight piece goebel “Barnyard Band”. The numbers are 33 130 through 33 137.

Picture 1 shows a big bear playing the bass. The elephant is a natural with his horn and, of course, we have the cat and the fiddle. It helps to know your nursery rhymes when you collect goebels.

Goebel Whimsical AnimalsPicture 2 shows three animals playing instruments which just seem to fit their personalities.

Goebel Whimsical AnimalsIn picture 3, what else to do the howling, but a dog.. Was the pink bunny on that battery commercial modeled after this goebel bunny?

The next series is known as “Animals of the World”.

These are numbered 33 501 through 520.

Goebel Whimsical Animals As you will see, I still need seven of these travelers so if you have one you want to sell, please let me know.

Goebel Whimsical Animals Picture 4 depicts the pioneer beaver from America, the Arctic seal, and the elephant from India.

Picture 5 shows the Russian bear, the Scottish gator ( this is my favorite as my two sons attend the U of Florida ) and the ? hippo.

Goebel Whimsical AnimalsThen we have the Western eagle, the Amazon parrot and the Antarctic penguin in picture 6.

Goebel Whimsical Animals In picture 7, I think the goat came from Switzerland and we know the camel is from the big dessert.

Picture 8 shows Daisey the cow and the panda from, it has to be, China.

Goebel Whimsical Animals The next series featured in pictures 9 and 10 consist of approximately 20 different bunnies in three different colors, brown, red and green.

Goebel Whimsical AnimalsThese are readily available and only a few are difficult to obtain.

Goebel Whimsical Animals Part 2

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