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Goebel Banks Part 2

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Picture #12 begins a fantasy world with an elf 077 and a hungry looking ladybug 006 who may just be eyeing the elf’s mushroom hat.

Picture #13 gives us toys to play with when we get tired of hunting for our treasures. We have a drum 028, a soccer ball and a rocking horse 122.

Picture #14 gives us a toy phone 062, a sock SD64 and a sneaker 119. Having only one shoe and sock to wear, we better not walk too far so we get out transportation in picture #15.The train is 124, the fire engine is 125 and the antique car is 065.

With our ride, we get to go home and can choose where we want to live in picture #16 which are 104, 105, and 107.

Or we can choose from picture #17 where we find 102 and 103 on either side of the old red schoolhouse. There is a final house in picture #18 018, but this one is very small. The yellow knapsack is a full bee and the washing machine was a promotional item given by Siemens when someone purchased one of their washing machines.

The older banks have square locks and from the 60’s on, the locks are round. They are metal and one key opens all goebel locks. On some of the most recent goebel banks, they used plastic locks which don’t seem to work very well and some come with just a rubber stopper.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about goebels that are NOT Hummels. There is no organized market in goebels so there is no “value”, so please do not ask me for an appraisal. It is impossible to do. I am very interested in purchasing any goebels I do not already have in my collection. I have over 5,100 pieces, but they made about 40,000, so I have a long way to go. But you must tell me what price would make you happy. E-mail me at [email protected]. The last character after goebel is the #1.


Goebel discontinued 99 percent of their lines other than Hummels in 1988. While they still make a limited selection of figurines for the European market, these will say germany below the GOEBEL mark. If there is not a germany below the mark, it was NOT made in the goebel factory. It is my understanding that these are being made in Thailand under goebel supervision and of course, they have been designed by goebel. They are nice quality for the money, but a true goebel collector does not consider them real goebels as they were not made in the goebel factory in germany. Unfortunately, there was a peel off sticker put on the figurines which said “Made in Thailand” and many unscrupulous dealers in fact, have peeled them off and represent them to unwary collectors as the real thing. I have been seeing more and more of these items offered for sale or auction on the internet and I wanted to warn my readers. They are marked goebel, but there will be no country of origin below the mark. Ask before you buy or bid.



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