Ty Attic

Boris & IvanThe Attic Treasures range predate Beanie Babies by about a year originally making an appearance in 1993. The Attics have suddenly attracted a lot of attention from collectors, mainly due to Beanie Babies generating
a great deal of interest in anything to do with Ty.

Checkers  & Domino
The range consists of bears, rabbits, dogs, cats and a few other animals. Like the Beanies there is a lot of interest in the bears. Also like the Beanies the condition of the swing tag does affect the collectability of the toy.

An interesting feature to some of the Attics and of special interest to collectors is that some of the range have named designers. One of the early designers, Sally Winey is now designing her own range. Her Ty designs are now very sought after.

As the number of Beanie fans increase so will interest in the Attics. Early retireds and toys by specific designers look set to generate a lot of collecting interest.