Trail of Painted Ponies Commemorating Fifteen Years with Fire and Ice

trail of painted ponies fire and ice

To commemorate fifteen years of The Trail of Painted Ponies as America’s premier horse collectible a special commemorative figurine entitled Fire and Ice is being released in July. Designed by Artist/Sculptor Kathleen Moody Fire and Ice is cast in clear resin, and it depicts a fiery stallion rearing and twisting like a flame from blue ice crystals.

The Trail of Painted Ponies is pleased to add Kathleen Moody to its stable of contributing artists. A phenomenal equine designer and sculptor who has spent 26 years creating animal sculptures for Breyer, Hartland Collectables, DaBar Enterprises,and Safari  Ltd. as well as her own line of resin horses. Kathleen is the designer and sculptor behind a number of Painted Ponies in the Beauty of the Breed Series.

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