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Collecting Discworld by Clarecraft Dive into Terry Pratchett’s Universe

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Founded in 1980 by Bernard and Isobel Pearson, Clarecraft emerged as a beacon of fantasy craftsmanship, captivating enthusiasts with its intricately crafted figurines and collectibles. However, it was in 1990 that Clarecraft embarked on a legendary journey, securing the rights to produce figurines based on Terry Pratchett’s beloved Discworld series.

Under the stewardship of Sally Couch and Trish Baker, who acquired the company in 1993, Clarecraft delved into the fantastical realms of Pratchett’s imagination, bringing to life the vibrant characters and locales of Discworld with unparalleled detail and creativity.

Discworld Clarecraft - DW70 - Great A'Tuin - The Discworld
Great A’Tuin – The Discworld – DW70
One of the most valuable figurines.
This mint in Box version sold for £1,380 at East Bristol Auctions, September 2015.

The collaboration between Clarecraft and Terry Pratchett himself was a testament to their shared dedication to authenticity and quality. Pratchett, known for his meticulous attention to detail in his novels, closely supervised the design process, ensuring that each figurine faithfully captured the essence of his beloved characters.

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Reflecting on the Clarecraft figurines, Pratchett remarked, “I like the Clarecraft figures. They’re made by people who read the books very carefully and then sculpt what they see on the inside of their eyelids. They don’t always get it exactly right (no-one could) but they get it wrong a lot better than anyone else would.”

death riding binky discworld clarecraft
Death Riding Binky

Among the earliest creations were iconic figures such as DW01 Rincewind, the hapless wizard, and DW02 Twoflower, his ever-optimistic tourist companion. These figurines, meticulously crafted and approved by Pratchett himself, set the standard for the exceptional quality that Clarecraft would become known for.

However, as with all good things, retirement eventually beckoned for some of Clarecraft’s figurines. In 1995, characters like Carrot and Lady Ramkin took their final bow, leaving behind a legacy that would continue to enchant fans for years to come.

Despite the passing of Terry Pratchett in 2015, the allure of Discworld endures, drawing new readers into its whimsical embrace. And while Clarecraft’s production of Discworld figurines has ceased, the collector’s market thrives, offering fans the opportunity to acquire these cherished treasures and keep the magic alive.

discworld by clarecraft collectors club shields
Discworld by Clarecraft Collectors Club Shields

Clarecraft’s legacy extends beyond mere merchandise; it encompasses a community of devoted fans brought together by their shared love for Discworld. Through initiatives like The Discworld Collectors Guild, Clarecraft fostered a sense of camaraderie among enthusiasts, offering exclusive perks and special edition club pieces that further enriched the Discworld experience.

As Discworld continues to captivate hearts and minds around the world, the legacy of Clarecraft remains an integral part of its enduring charm. With each figurine and collectible, Clarecraft immortalized the whimsy and wonder of Terry Pratchett’s extraordinary creation, leaving an indelible mark on fantasy literature and the hearts of fans everywhere.

Today, the Discworld Emporium carries on Clarecraft’s legacy by celebrating Terry Pratchett’s beloved series. From its roots in fantasy figurines, the Emporium remains a haven for Discworld fans, offering a diverse range of delights that honour Pratchett’s lasting impact. With a steadfast focus on quality, creativity, and community, the Emporium ensures that the enchanting spirit of Discworld thrives, preserving the whimsical charm that Clarecraft originally embodied.

Discworld by Clarecraft at Auction

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