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Ty Release New Old Beanie Babies

Thirty years after their initial release Ty are releasing three updated Beanie Babies of Bongo, Valentino and Bones. Or more aptly Bongo II, Valentino II and Bones II. They are available from selected retailers and not from They are sure to be popular. Could we see a new Ty […]

pinchers beanie baby

Beanie Babies

The collectible craze of Ty Beanie Babies took the world by storm in the late 90s, leading to a collecting boom unlike any other. These adorable, bean-filled plush toys became a global phenomenon, capturing the hearts of millions of collectors. From humble beginnings to their meteoric rise, Ty Beanie Babies […]

Disney Beanies

Disney Beanies (or by their correct title, Disney Mini Bean Bag Plush) have become the biggest selling item in the history of the Disney store. Helped by a general interest in other Beanies, principally Beanie Babies from Ty, the Disney Beanies have quickly become very collectible. The line was originally tested in 30 […]