Whitefriars Glassworks Price Guide

Designs by Whitefriars have become collectable especially by those by Geoffrey Baxter and Barnaby Powell. Classic shapes such as the Banjo Vase and the Drunken Bricklayer Vase continue to attract interest and even within these designs there is considerable difference in price depending on the colour. Rarer colours can sometimes be twice or three times or more than the more common colours. Below are prices realised at various auction houses and auction to give a general Whitefriars Glassworks price guide. The guide also showcases some of the colours created by the Whitefriars Studio.

Whitefriars Glass related
Whitefriars Blown Soda
Whitefriars Glassworks Overview

Whitefriars Glassworks Price Guide, Whitefriars Auction Prices

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