Royal Doulton Shakespeare Seriesware Shylock & Falstaff

Royal Doulton has produced a vast range of seriesware patterns including two very popular ranges featuring the characters of Dickens and Shakespeare. Here we just take a look at two such Shakespeare related items a two handled sugar featuring Shylock and single handled jug featuring Falstaff which I was asked to value recently.

Royal Doulton seriesware was introduced at the end of the 19th century and start of the 20th century by Charles Noke. The range of seriesware was to produce decorative and practical pieces such as tea kettles, sugars, creamers, jugs, dishes and vases.

The sugar featuring Shylock would have formed part of a tea set featuring a teapot and a creamer. It has an earlier mark and the current price of this is £30/$45-£40 /$60. The Falstaff single handled jug has a value of £20/$30-£30/$45.

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