Jessie Tait Midwinter Toadstool Design Items

jessietaitmidwinterCertain pottery designs grab attention and continue to attract new collectors and Jessie Tait’s Toadstool design for Midwinter is certainly one of these. We are asked about many pottery designs at WCN and for the most part they do not have any significant value. Jessie Tait Midwinter Toadstool Design items are one the patterns and that has increase significantly. The 1950s design has not dated and striking colours and shapes continue to appeal.

Pictured right: A selection of Jessie Tait Midwinter Toadstool Design items including plates, trios, cups, sauces etc. Sold for £600 at Unique Auctions, The Lincoln Auctioneers, 2013.

What’s it worth?

Jessie Tait Midwinter Toadstool Trio £100-£200
Jessie Tait Midwinter Toadstool Plate £30-£40
Jessie Tait Midwinter Toadstool Cup & Saucer £60-£80

Current Jessie Tait Toadstool items on ebay

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