Bonzo’s Book of Stories

bonzosbookofstoriesBonzo was created by artist George Studdy and he first appeared in early illustrations and stories some years earlier but was not officially named until 1922.

bonzosbookofstoriesletspretendThis book is a compilation of stories by mainly Studdy, G.E., but also contributions from Haughton, W.H. & Woodhouse, Pat. There are nine stories in the book the first being Let’s Pretend.

A very good condition of the book will be worth between £200-£300 ($300-$450), with the price going down along with condition. This edition has some foxing and slight wear along the spine but overall good condition. Estimated price £60-£80 ($90-$120).

Bonzo’s Book of Stories Price Guide

Near Mint £300-£400 ($450-$600)
Very Good £200-£300 ($300-$450)
Good £60-£80 ($90-$120)

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